Return policy

Please read the terms and see the return policy of our store

The customer has the right to return the application and recover the full amount paid without any discussion within two days of receiving the application in the following cases:

The product is completely different from what was shown or advertised
The product has a defect or a manufacturing defect or is contrary to what was shown
The product is defective or damaged
The product is unusable (manufacturer defect or expiry date)
How to return the request in this case is as follows:

Please contact us via e-mail or via customer service through
Send a picture of the product with an explanation of the problem, either via WhatsApp or through the above email.
The order is prepared by you and shipped via the addresses that are sent to you.
After receiving your request, it will be reviewed and the problem confirmed
After confirmation, the amount will be returned to the account within 7 days.
Cases in which return requests are not accepted:
After purchasing the product, more than 3 days have passed, and no problem has been reported.
The product has no problem and has passed the warranty period.
Destroying the packaging of the product or the product or any parts thereof (note that all products are inspected by the shipping team as well as the delivery representative)
Product use and return without clear reasons after the validity period has passed.

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